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Water Park Design, Supply & Construction, since 1979

  • Made in Canada
  • (800) 485-0068

Waterpark Design & Planning

Site appeal, location visibility, climate, culture capacity and entertainment value are key elements we consider with every design we create.

Our team of experienced designers and engineers understand the links between design, construction and management of water partdevelopment. We provide industry knowledge regarding park capacity, placement of amenities and rides, park accessibility, convenience, and above all profitability. Details such as land and site restraints, budgetary and environmental issues, and future development possibilities are all taken into consideration.

  • Site Planning and functional layout of the park and attractions;
  • Parking for guest vehicles, buses and staff;
  • Defining entry and ticketing requirements, including queue systems;
  • Support facilities such as retail, change rooms, washrooms, food and beverage;
  • Service areas, support buildings offices, shops, storage, and maintenance.
  • Enhance capacity of the park;
  • Provide for greatest possible use among the widest age-group categories;
  • Ensure ease in expanding planned attractions in the future;
  • Ensure safe layouts of the rides and attractions to mitigate any safety issues;
  • Plan for rides and attractions that are cost effective and efficient to operate.