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Water Park Design, Supply & Construction, since 1979

  • Made in Canada
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Thematic Elements & Rockwork

Waterfun can provide your park facility with artificial rockwork and other environmental enhancements through our world class fiberglass facilities and access to numerous highly skilled artisans from around the globe.

From creative theme parks to relaxing resort environments, our thematic elements allow for parks to be more visible in the marketplace. Our designs augment and enhance the entire entertainment experience and make your facility unique amounts its competitors.

Thematic Elements

Thematic elements have become a very important component of water and theme park development. It all begins with developing a solid assortment of water slide rides around a general theme or attraction. Historical sites and the creation of ancient civilizations is very popular and lends itself directly to the idea of building culture and linking the past to the present at a theme park.

Fiberglass Rockwork

We have created a variety of landscapes, rockwork and thematic elements from tropical environments to replications of archeological ruins. We have the tools and techniques to plan, design and construct water features and natural habilitates for any environment. Creative and innovative designs to meet specific site requirements.

Waterfun can develop specialized artificial rock formations, waterfalls, natural and simulated rock construction and rockscapes. Our company has the expertise to create any environment you can imagine.

Built to your imagination!

  • Landscape rockwork
  • Tropical Environments
  • Themed Rides
  • Archeological Ruins
  • Dinosaurs
  • Fantasy Worlds & Creatures
  • Natural rock formations
  • Waterfalls
  • Volcanos

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