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Super Squirt

The Squirt Water Slide Is A Compact And Affordable Addition To Any Swimming Or Leisure Pool Area

Specifically created for hotels looking to add excitement, increase occupancy and generate increased revenue.

The Super Squirt flumes are serpentine in shape and feature a slide path made up primarily of a combination of turns or a spiral slide path. The water slide utilizes a standard design but can be easily fit to facility specifications. Each Squirt is installed with an internal staircase or it can be easily adjusted to function off of an existing dive tower platform.

Fast Return on Investment

The Squirt pool side water slide is an excellent water equipment package to enhance revenues and usage of existing pools, making it an excellent choice for smaller hotels and aquatic facilities.


Available in 3 Different Sizes:

Super Squirt Waterslide

Super Squirt

  • Height: 16ft (4.9m)*
  • Length: 69ft (21m)
Mid Sized Squirt Waterslide

Mid-Sized Squirt

  • Height: 13ft 6in (4.15m)*
  • Length: 59ft (18m)
Mini Squirt Waterslide

Mini Squirt

  • Height: 11' (3.4m)*
  • Length: 49ft (19m)


  • Tried & tested for safety
  • Non slip fiberglass deck
  • Integrated staircase & handrail
  • Quick to install
  • Compact use of space
  • Small pump
  • Inexpensive to operate
  • Available in 3 sizes
  • Gate Available
  • Over 400 installs across North America
  • Fast return on investment

Common Specifications

  • Type: Body Slide
  • Capacity: 400-600 riders/hour
  • Water Rate: 60 USGPM
  • Splash Zone Depth: 4ft x 23ft (1.2m x 7m)
  • Clearance: 8ft (2m)

Photo Gallery

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“We added a water slide (Super Squirt) attraction to our 102 room hotel and were able to increase rates from $114 midweek, to $127 on weekends & summer holidays. At the same time, our occupancy showed that 40+% came for the water slide, resulting in $500K of additional revenue! "

Alnoor Nanji - Multiple property owner

"The Pomeroy Group has been building hotels, convenience stores, pubs and restaurants throughout Northern Alberta. Our hotels have various flags including; Super 8, Holiday Inn, Best Western, Ramada and Pomeroy Inns & Suites. One thing our hotels have in common is a water slide - We don't build a hotel without one because we know the return on investment and it works in every market we have entered."

Bob Pomeroy - Chairman & CEO