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AquaDrum Body Bowl

The AquaDrum uses a minimum amount of room and requires a small splash pool. The AquaWiz slide leading to the bowl can be configured to any length or path required.

The AquaDrum (Body Bowl) combines the enclosed tube thrills of the AquaWhiz body slide and the high-speed turns of a swirling bowl - providing an unforgettable ride.


  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor facilities
  • 32" flume
  • Standalone or combined with another ride. We recommend combining with the Aquawiz body slide.
  • Add visual excitement to your park
  • Light & sound effects available

With your body pinned against the back of the 32" flume, you'll reach unimaginable speeds as you fly into the light and out of the tunnel, swirling around-and-around until you exit into the pool below! This ride adds visual excitement and thrills to every waterpark, giving your riders fun-filled excitement.

Double Aquadrum - Wild Rivers


  • Type: Body Slide
  • Avg Gradient: 15-65%
  • Capacity: 360-400 riders/hr
  • Water Rate: 600-800 USGPM

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"Bazooka Bowls (Wild Rivers, California) is an awesome ride. You get shoot down a straight and steep slide into a bowl. There you get to swirl around like the olive in your stirred martini. Once you peter out, you drop through a whole in the middle."

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