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Chula Vista Resort

Wisconsin Dells, USA

Chula Vista Waterpark

Waterfun Products was engaged to provide design, planning and ride provision to the multi million dollar outdoor water park addition to their existing indoor resort waterpark. Ride addition includes a two lane Surfhill Racer, Jetstream Speed Slide, Sidewinder MK-I and a Backlash two man boat ride. "The speed slide extends off a 60 foot elevation and plunges into the run out in less than 6 seconds making it one of the most popular rides in the park" says General Manager Mike Kaminski.

In 2008, the Aquawiz Vortex ride was added to the collection. Named the Cyclone, this is the tallest in North America. At 48 feet high and 268 feet long, riders will swirl and whirl their way down this extreme water slide experiencing G Forces like no other ride before. This intense ride takes the signature Vortex to a whole new level.