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The Sidewinder MK-I™

Experience Zero Gravity!

The Sidewinder is a unique combination wet/dry ride that propels riders from side-to-side in single, double or triple person tubes. Water spray jets provide a frictionless surface on a giant u-shaped slide as tubes are channelled effortlessly to the bottom. The Sidewinder offers an exciting water slide experience and a sensation of "free-falling".

The award winning Sidewinder MK-I, operates as a "stand-alone" thrill ride with a small footprint of approximately 50'x50'.

The MK-I uses little water consumption, operating on as little as 100gpm (about a 3-5 hp pump size). In most installations, water can be re-directed from existing sources thus eliminating the need of additional and costly filtration systems.

The ride is designed in a "stand-alone" fashion, meaning there is no need for a splash pool or run-out.

Multiply your thrills!

Multiply your thrills by adding multiple Siderwinders off a single tower.

Double or Quad configurations available! Doubling or quadrupling the rider capacity to 800 or 1600+ per hour!



  • Available as a wet or dry ride
  • Small Footprint
  • 60+ Installations Worldwide
  • No Pool Required
  • Experience Free Falling!

MK-I Specifications

  • Type: Tube Ride
  • Capacity: 400 riders/hour
  • Water Rate: 100 USGPM

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"The Sidewinder MK-1 was a perfect attraction for the Castaway Cove Water Park in Wichita Falls, Texas for the 2008 season. This unique slide experience captivated all guests who visited the park. It was a huge crowd favorite from the very beginning. The new sidewinder that was officially named by a local guest "Cliffhanger" through a Marketing/promotion teaser campaign that saw over 1,200 votes casted for the right to name this zero gravity water attraction. The Cliffhanger was the main contributor to Castaway Cove having it's best season ever by increasing their attendance by 13% over prior year 2007 and increasing revenue 20% over 2007."

Dave Simon - Vice President Amusement Aquatic Management Group, inc. AMG